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Better programs to create a store online and aspects to consider

You know it clearly, you are going to mount a store online and to sell your products by Internet, no longer there is one who stops to you!

This step, that can be most difficult, is not more than first of other many that you are going to have to give and an important decision which they follow other many to him with which you will have to fight.

First of them it will be without no place to doubts to know what cms you are going to choose to mount your ecommerce and where you are going it to lodge.

In Tropicalserver we are specialistic in lodging for stores online, and not only it tenth, reason why in this sense, if therefore you wish it, to choose hosting for your store he will be the one of less since for that you have our plans optimized for electronic commerces.

Nevertheless, to choose the suitable program or CMS to sell online will be already thing yours and you will have to value different aspects to choose one of them.


Which is the best CMS to create a store online?

To know what programs to choose for creates your store is a thing that you must decide based on several factors. Often a program better does not exist than another one but everything will depend on the knowledge that you have and the objective of your store.

In our opinion, one of the main aspects to consider is to know with what you program you feel more comfortable or comfortable and with which you have some previous experience.

Much people who decide to mount a store previously have handled some program. He is very habitual, for example, to have had a blog in WordPress. If you already have the basic knowledge of WordPress, why not to use plugin Woocommerce to create a store with him? Why you are going away to complicate the life with another program from zero? Many exclusive groups exist to mount a store with Woocommerce and if it does not convince any to you, you always can use a visual publisher to create the yours own one easily.

One of the most habitual CMS to manage a store online is PrestaShop. Unlike WordPress, PrestaShop is created only and exclusively for electronic commerces. As strength emphasizes the great number of Add-ONS (invoicing, stock, email marketing€¦) that it has thanks to which you can practically make any thing in your store. The problem is that the majority of them is of payment, reason why if you want to equip with many €œextras€ to your store, you will have to happen through box.

Another program very used is Magento. In fact, for much people he is most complete and professional of all. This we mainly recommended it for great projects and with a great number of articles. The greater problem than presents Magento is its learning curve. It is a so complete program that sometimes it can be complicated to learn it completely, mainly if never you have worked with him.

Joomla! she has been another one of the options that exist, but to tell the truth is a CMS that every time is more in disuse, mainly after the irruption of WordPress for some years. Even so, there are many defenders of Joomla! that they continue it using as his favorite option to design a store online.

Finally, another option exists that is to use some of the payment constructors online which we can find in Internet. We talked about to platforms as Shopify, Wix, Weebly€¦ and mainly Shopify.

These platforms are very comfortable and easy to use for which as soon as they have knowledge of the programs that we have mentioned until now and they are not wanted to complicate the life.

Shopify is the unquestionable king in this sense but it can be excessively expensive since, in addition to paying a monthly payment, you will have to pay a % of the total of your sales, based on the plan that you have chosen. This in the end, based on your volume of sales, can be an amount lifted enough to end of month.

If you show preference for one of these options that we have mentioned last, we recommended you that you study previously very well your margins of benefit with each one of the products that bandage before sending you to the swimming pool. You will have to evaluate the fixed cats of the chosen plan, % of commission that takes of each sale and what Stripe will receive to you (platform of collection by card that usually is used in these cases) that also he is a % important of the total of the sale. Perhaps DES tells you that in the end they do not leave the number to you as you thought.

Truths and lies of each one of the programs to mount ecommerce

If you are looking for previous information to begin to sell online, certainly you have heard things as these:

  • Woocommerce is for stores with few products.
    It is a topic that you will hear in many parts and is not certain. We lodged stores in WordPress with thousands of products and go very well. You only must have good hosting for WordPress, optimized and managed well. By the others you do not have to worry to you.
  • PrestaShop is very difficult to handle.
    It is certain that PrestaShop can be something complicated for those who has never used it, but nothing that cannot be solved with a little dedication and time. Trasteando a little with the CMS and reading some tutorial in case of doubts is not for anything difficult.
  • Magento only is for professional stores.
    This can be certain, but until certain point. Magento is worth for any store, which happens is that it is a so complete program and with so many options that can not be worth the trouble to use it for a small store. It consumes more resources than simple a WordPress and has so many options that are more difficult to get to dominate the one that other programs.

Then, what program I choose for my store?

Since we have commented, the best thing is to choose with that you feel more comfortable. If you have never used no, we would recommend to you that you prove WordPress with Woocomerce or PrestaShop. Both are platforms very intuitive and easy to use if you spend a little time to them for its learning.

And you, if you use some platform, you tell us which you like more?

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