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Error 500: what means and how to solve it

What is the HTTP error 500 that I see in my Web?

We explained to you of what error 500 consists and how you can detect the origin of the problem. Also we detailed to you:

  • What is technically state HTTP 500
  • Error 500 in script php
  • How to solve it
  • In WordPress
  • Errors in the shipment of E-mail


What is error 500?

The error of servant 500 is a code of state HTTP that we can see in our webpages that indicate us that the servant failed when completing an apparently valid request, because the source code is erroneous or the Web server is incapable to execute the request.

Normally it is pronounced in a page in target that the Web server that it has formed by defect.

It is a clear symptom of failure in the programming in some of the archives or of some incompatibility between the versions in which script was developed and versions PHP of the servant of hosting.

The majority of errors HTTP produces the internal error in the servant (Service Unavailable) originated by the following causes:

  • Error of programming or design Web in some of scripts or plugins that is being executed
  • By problems with lines of .htaccess of the webpages
  • Incorrect permissions in folders or archives
  • Lack of memory in the execution
  • Noncompatible version PHP with scripts in execution
  • Exhausted time of delay
  • Service saturated and with few free resources
  • Lack of space in disc

Error 500 computer graphics

Solution of Problems: How To repair this error

Detection of the error: error_log

Servers as Apache this type of registry of errors registers in a called file €œerror_log€ will give a track us of the file that is causing the problem.

This registry keeps scritps that produces error, reason why will be very easy to detect them whenever you have access to him.

If your account has this registry you will have isolated the problem of easy way.

Simply with reviewing the content of this file you will know what script is bringing about the problem in your website and even in the line of the code where it is originated

error_log example

Nevertheless, all the lodgings do not qualify this option or use Apache as Web server. In this case we will have to investigate a little more thoroughly what the day is annoying us!

We showed some possible solutions to you to use definitively to exile the problem of the 500 internal server error.

It deactivates .htaccess temporarily

It is possible that the internal error of the servant is caused by a file .htaccess damaged or with incompatible lines with your servant. In order to eliminate therefore this message of error, it is necessary to correct the file.

You can accede to your file. htaccess opening to the root directory.

It accedes by the file manager or FTP. Once you find it, you click with the right button and renómbralo to €œ.htaccess.antiguo€ for example.

This will deactivate the execution of the file. htaccess of your site temporarily.


NOTE: If your servant has a S.O of Microsoft, this file .htaccess will not be in your system and it could not be the cause.


Renombrar temporarily htaccess

After doing this it verifies if the site no longer gives the error. If it continues it giving, you need to execute some tests to detect the origin of the problem more.

To verify the permissions of folders and archives

Another common cause is to have formed the folders or archives of your Web of erroneous form. As a rule always they must have the following permissions by security:

  • Folders: 755
  • Archives: 644

In order to review the permissions and to see if there is some erroneous one you will need to accede to the file manager or the FTP.


To review the permissions of folders and archives


Exhausted time of delay

If the error takes place when you concern external elements to your Web, as for example an import of data using archives csv or xml, surely internal error 500 happens because the time of delay of the servant is run out before being able to concern the data.

It contacts with your supplier so that it increases the runtime of scripts.

TECHNICAL NOTE: The errors of gateway timeout that are as they denominate this type of errors usually happen in Nginx servers or handlers as PHP-FPM or fastcgi.


Error 500 in WordPress

If your website is developed with this cms, then surely you have seen this error €œ500 internal server error€ several times. This he is one of the most common errors and generally of other managers of contents.

I am with you who sometimes is frustrating, but is necessary to arm themselves of patience and search the origin of the problem.

We put on the table some solutions to general way to eliminate this message:


It increases the limit of memory

The lodging companies Web and own script of establish limits of execution in the memory. You can as far as possible increase these limits of 2 forms:


In the lodging

Normally you must increase to the memory of execution raising the parameter €œmemory_limit€ in your shared account. In order to do this you will have to add a line your php.ini customized:

memory_limit = 256M;

If you cannot use this type of file, you can try to use a file .user.ini adding the same line. In this case it would be necessary to reinitiate the Web server so that the changes provided effect, which in sharing would be nonviable.

Another option is to add a line .htaccess that you have lodged in the root. The line would be thus:

php_value memory_limit 256M

This will increase the memory of execution to 256 Megabytes.

If you have your hosting with us, you must use this last option, the one of .htaccess.


In WordPress

If you do not have access to any of the previous archives in your servant, you can try to directly increase the limit in your installation. You can use the file manager of cPanel for it.

For it you must publish the file wp-config of your site. Beam click in the file with the right button to publish it and adds the line:

it defines (€˜WP_MEMORY_LIMIT€™, €˜256M€™);


You now need to verify if increasing this limit error HTTP 500 has disappeared. Still it continues it giving?

To increase the limit of memory in WordPress


Test to deactivate plugins of your Web

It deactivates plugins one by one to verify if there is some failure in some of them. If the error is solved after deactivating all the plugin, then it permanently isolates and it eliminates plugin that it cause.

Here the best thing is to be activating one by one until seeing what is the one that causes the error.


Backup copy

If after all these steps still you see errors error 500 in your Web, the next step would be to resubir by FTP the folders €œwp-admin€ and €œwp-includes€ of you yourself version of WP.

You are not scared to conduct this operation. The archives of images and subjects keep in the folder €œwp-content€. Never this of more making a backup copy of these folders before €œcrushing them€ with the archives of Core.


Error in Joomla

Errors 500 in Joomla come mainly originated by the following causes:

  • The permissions in folders and archives are not correct.
  • The configuration file has some line that is not correct.
  • The version of the CMS is not compatible with the activated version of PHP.
  • A problem in the data base MySQL exists that there are to purify.
  • Memory I broke activated not supported.

Other related errors: Smtp Error 500 in the e-mail

In our client of mail we can also see this message of internal error of the servant when we sent an email. This error code can be caused by a bad interaction of the servant with your firewall or anti-virus. Test to deactivate them temporarily to see if the problem disappears.

Also it is possible to be produced by a syntax error: the servant could not recognize the sequence of commandos, when the maximum length of line has been exceeded or when TLS for the shipment has not been selected.


And you? Sometimes you are with errors 500 in your surroundings Web? you have left it solved after reading our post?

Let your commentary to respond to us to your problem or to add your type of error to this list. If you do not find a solution in this article you can look for in Google alternative or contact with our Support.

You do not stop sharing our article in your social networks.

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