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7 advice before changing the subject of WordPress

We explained to you how you can change the subject of WordPress of your site without problems

If you use WordPress regularly, most probable it is than you have changed the subject of your website at least once.

If you have never done it, then this article will guide to you if you need a change.

The best thing to change theme of WordPress is the facility with which it is possible to be done. Some clicks and already you will only have list the new appearance of your Web.

But, what things you must consider before installing new subjects of WordPress?

We give some recommendations before raising a new subject you your domain and to activate it in production.

1. Taking notices of the changes in your present group

Many users of WordPress sail by the Web trying search solutions their problems. Often they find them in the form of code fragments that manually add to the subject activated in archives as the case of €œfunctions.php€ or other archives. So, first of all, you must take note from those changes that you have done in your present subject.

If your functions warms up to you has customized code in the file, you must copy it in the new subject.

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Also it looks for if you have customized archives css in your old group. It can be that you use some element css in some post of your website that you need to recover.

We always recommend to use the subjects children for this (your subject must have support for child themes) so that in the future updates you do not lose these personalisations.

Capture of a file functions.php of WordPress

2. Ten taken care of with sidebars

Widgets of sidebars is very easy to use, reason why many users prefer to personalize them. In fact, they are the most customized area by the users of WordPress: Customized texts, images, I connect, publicity, etc.

Nevertheless, you must make sure before raising your new subject that is widget-ready, since, on the contrary, all those modifications will be lost.

In addition, any thing that you modify in the file sidebar.php of your old subject, will be sobrescribirá. So assure to you that the WordPress subject adds the codes in sidebars.

3. You do not lose the code of pursuit of Google Analytics of your present subject

The majority of the users uses similar Google Analytics or services to realise a pursuit of its statistics. Some do not use plugins to add the code that need for the pursuit and simply they open to the file €œfooter.php€ and add to the necessary codes Javascript.

Also there are users who use subjects of WordPress with specific sections to put the code of AdSense. It always remembers to copy and to stick these codes in the new subject not to lose €“ in this case €“ your statistics and remunerations.

Capture of the writing-desk of Google Analytics

4. You are working with a good RSS?

Some users usually syndicate the contents of their blog and use, mainly, FeedBurner. One of the main benefits to integrate this tool is that a good analysis of the subscribers can be had.

Subjects as Genesis allows to integrate Feedburner to your panel of configuration. When changing of subject, it remembers to assure to you that they are not two channels RSS (for example, the one of WordPress and Feedburner), since, in case of not paying attention to this point, it will seem that you lost subscribers, when in fact what happens it is that they are not reflected in Feedburner.

Feedburner Logo

5. You always do a backup copy

The backup copies always are a good idea. Before changing the subject of your site, it remembers to endorse your work: The archives, plugins and the data base.

The changes of subject usually do not generate problems, but never it is of making a copy more.

Beam backups whenever you can.

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6. It activates the €œWay maintenance€

Once you have the active new subject, he is recommendable to accede to the administrator of WordPress and assures to you to activate the €œWay of maintenance€ during at least 15 or 20 minutes so that your clients do not see your disqualified real Web.

You can use plugin gratuitous WP Maintenance Mode that there is in for example.

7. Prove it and you do public your new image

Now only assure to you to test all of the functionality the new subject:

  • Plugins reviews all the.
  • Next, it proves the compatibility of your new subject in the different navigators and if Google Adsense or Analytics works correctly.
  • It reviews the source code of your new subject to see if https in the case has support of having formed a security certificate and urls is correctly.
  • It verifies the SEO of your Web, that urls of the post and categories works suitably.
  • Testea your project to see if he is responsive and in the movable devices is seen without failures.
  • Css looks at the styles if they are loaded fluently and if they are optimized. If you were using plugin of cache or a minificador of css and js, clean all the cachés.
  • Finally, it deactivates the €œWay maintenance€ and warns your users good the new one of the change of your theme.

Good, with these simple steps you will have changed theme of WordPress of your site without more complications.

You have some problem with the subject of your site of WordPress? Count us in the commentaries if you could form your subject and to carry out the updates without problems.

If you want to share this post in your social networks, we will thank for it to you.

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