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Emission of Invoices in PrestaShop

Invoicing in PrestaShop

To issue invoices is extremely important, not only by the legal subject, but also to show the more seriousness in your business and to take to an accounting ordinate of your ecommerce. To manage our Prestashop invoices is extremely easy and today we will tell you what you need to know on the matter.

How to issue invoices in order states

In order to issue PrestaShop invoices, simply it sees the clica and Control Panel in Orders. Next, it presses on the order to which you want to generate the invoice.

There, beams click on the eyelash Documents and, then, in Generate Invoice. In order to see your invoices you will have to go To see Invoice or Documents. Once opened, you will be with the purchase invoice.

To see invoice in Prestashop

Be published and be personalized can the invoices of orders?

In order to personalize your invoices, it sees Invoices. There you will be able to generate a pdf with several invoices on the basis of two main criteria:

  • Per Date: From determined date to another one.
  • By State: He is very useful to print orders that have been cancelled.

In cancellation options, if you do not qualify the option To activate Invoices, then your clients will not receive the invoice when they buy some of your products.

Options of Invoice

On the other hand, you have the option to detach taxes, something that many clients surely need to know. With Qualifying image of the product, you will be able, as it says his name, to load the image of the product so that it appears in the invoice. This point is independent of theme of PrestaShop that you use. The element Number of invoice will be very useful to take a countable control to you from a certain number (series of invoicing).

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We guaranteed the fastest lodging to you for your store online.

Finally, in free legal Text and Text standing up of page, you will be able to show customized details in the invoice as in any physical invoice. It remembers that also you can choose an invoice model.

Options of Invoice in Prestashop

In the recent versions of PrestaShop, you will be able to include some editions to add:

  • Footer of the invoice
  • Page of your site
  • A simplified sample of the page of location of the store
  • Latitude and length of the map

In addition, you will be able to include and to publish other data of the store as the name, the direction, the telephone, etc.

On the other hand, you can modify the section Location/Countries. There you will be able to include information if you need to incorporate removal of taxes as IVA, fiscal identification, etc. In addition, will be able to show the NIF or CIF your clients, if therefore you wish it, and to fill up fields related to the direction.

Before printing invoices in PrestaShop€¦

Before printing the invoices, it verifies the information that there are including in them, since it can have some erroneous data.

In addition, to finalize the personalisation, it reviews the eyelash Location/Translations. As recommendation, you do some invoices of test with the different translations to find the one that is more suitable ordinate to you and for your business and your buyers.

It realises the changes until showing to the titles of tables and each element of the invoice as you like. If you have your Prestashop in another one hosting and you are not happy we invited to you to that you prove our premium lodging PrestaShop.

We wished that bandage You much with your PrestaShop and you generate many invoices!

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