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5 good practices to create evaluations and tasks in Moodle

To obtain good practices at the time of creating evaluations in Moodle

The evaluations and tasks of Moodle are in charge of the personnel in charge to establish, to classify, and to make the evaluation. In addition, they are who create and process questionnaires. In order to obtain good practices at the time of creating evaluations and tasks in Moodle, the keys are those that we will explain next.

1. The evaluation must be formative and sumativa

The evaluations that you prepare for the courses must be formative and to add to the students knowledge. In addition, they must be in alignment with the results of learning of the class generally. The evaluations are key for the development of the student. For that reason, a diagnosis evaluation not only can introduce to the students to the course, but they also will give a clear idea you of the knowledge with which they arrive at your class.

2. The evaluation must be part of the design and to be related directly to the results of learning of the course

The equipment that designs the course, must examine the evaluation concerning program. Where the test is realised, diversity of the evaluation along with the results of the learning of the program. That is to say, everything must be handled of integral form.

3. The evaluations and tasks of Moodle must be valid

Assure you that the exercises of the evaluations and the tasks are aligned with the criteria of evaluation of the course and that they measure the profit of the students to arrive at the predicted objectives of learning when you designed the course. An obvious advice can be, but often, you can raise material or perhaps they request an extra material to you and this he does not have anything to do with the objectives that you have considered, weakening the course, confusing to the students, and integrating even contained for whom they are not perhaps preparations.

4. The evaluations must be including and equitable

The tasks of evaluation and processes would not have to harm to any group or individuals whereas the academic standards and the objectives of the course stay. It remembers that those that teach are not to judge people, but knowledge.

5. It uses nontraditional returns

The evaluations and tasks, generally, become of written form. Nevertheless, Moodle gives the opportunity you to use nontraditional forms of evaluation:

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  • Evaluations by audio: One is to send evaluations to the students via audio, which will benefit you in the treatment with the students and it will allow you to extend your corrections and suggestions. Commentaries in audio imply a greater fluidity, a better €œroundtrip€ with the students, personal treatment, and major clarity at the time of correcting. This form of evaluation is growing more and more, especially in the United Kingdom.
    In order to use it, you click in the button [Loudspeaker] in the publisher of evaluations to open the recorder of audio. Everything what you need is an earpiece or a microphone and you will be able to begin to use the evaluation via audio.
  • Other nontraditional evaluations: Other forms of nontraditional return of the type exist as, for example, via video.
    If you use this type of returns, some of the following advice ten in account:
  • Mantén the confidentiality, the privacy and the protection of the data
  • Guard copies of all the evaluations
  • Ten a professional tone
  • I know objective with your evaluations
  • Listening and verifies (or it sees, in case it is sees video) your evaluations before sending them.
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