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9 indispensable advice to make your Web Joomla! faster

It increases to the speed of your Web Joomla 3.x

You create it or no, many users of Internet hope that the websites load just a few in seconds. For that reason, if a site does not fulfill this expectation, they leave it and that increases the rate by ricochet.

If you are using a website developed with Joomla 3.x, a look throws to these effective advice who will have a great impact in the speed of your website.


1. Hosting of good reputation as PrackHost chooses

In PrackHost, we are expert from 2006 in offering a service of hosting Joomla! with special characteristics to remove the maximum benefit to this platform. An example is our service of installation in 1 only click, qualified technical support and gratuitous backup copies during 2 months.

In addition, we offer hostings moved by LiteSpeed, the faster Web server.

2. It qualifies the Gzip compression

It activates the Gzip compression in the pages of your website before being sent them to your users. In order to do it, you must go to Servant in the section Global Configuration.

3. It qualifies the cache system

The cache system takes a copy from all the page in his first load to make load it faster in the next visits. In order to qualify this tool, it sees Adjustments of cache in the Global Configuration.

It can interest to you: The Hosting faster Joomla

If you find hosting faster, we give back the money to you.

4. It optimizes the images of the correct form

It redimensions the images before loading them and always uses the correct format when it is necessary to guarantee the quality of image (.jpg for photographies and .png for graphs). A useful extension to optimize the photographies could be Prizm Image.

5. It optimizes CSS and Javascript

It reduces the size of your archives CSS and compresses the archives Javascript. If it is possible, it reduces and it combines the archives CSS and Javascript to reduce requirements HTTP of the archives. In order to do it, it uses good groups for Joomla as those of JSN that optimize CSS and Javascript.

6. Clean your Joomla website

Acquittal everything what you do not need: Components without use, modules, plugins, consultations €œnot found€, etc. In order to take a greater control of this, it reviews with regularity your website and it verifies what you do not use to determine what to deshabilitar to reach major speed.

7. It updates Joomla!

From version 3.5, Joomla is compatible with PHP 7. The new version of php doubles the speed to load of the websites. For that reason, if you continue using older versions of Joomla, update to you! €¦ although he is by security 😉

8. It optimizes your site for movable devices

The access of users by means of movable devices increases for years, and for that reason you must optimize the movable version of your site. In order to do it, the best thing is to load the necessary thing and to only hide for this version which is not needed. This diminishes the bandwidth. In order to do it, it adds following code CSS to the group that you use:
/* Mobile Portrait Size to Mobile Landscape Size (devices and browsers) *
@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) \ {
.moduletable.mobilehide \ {display: none}

Then, it sees the module that you want to hide and in the field €œClass CSS of the module€ and adds to the class mobilehide (it adds a space in target before). Code HTML would imagine of the following form: <div class=€ moduletablemobilehide€ >

9. It verifies the speed of load of your Joomla site

After following all these advice, it remembers to verify the load of your Web. In case you have not obtained your assignment, it reviews if you implemented all the advice published before correctly.

You can review the speed of load by means of tools as plugin of Google Chrome Yslow, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed, or GTmetrix.

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