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How to create and to manage a course in Moodle

Everything what you need to know how to create and to manage a course in Moodle

If you do not know Moodle, it is a platform that takes growing without stopping from its creation in 2002. Its objective is to allow to create and to review specialized virtual courses of education through Internet so that they also are studied online, implementing in addition a good communication between the creator to the course or professor and his users or students. But€¦ What is what you need to know how to create and to manage a course in Moodle?

It is a simple platform, but we are going to come to explain to you how their parts work so that you can dominate it without problems if sometimes you want to use it.

To create the course in Moodle

This is the simplest part. You must know that you need to have right of administrator, creator of course or Manager, but once count on this status the process is really easy. You only must go to the section of administration, sub-section of course and click in €œManaging course and categories€.
There we will find the menu to create the course and will be able to even assign to him to its category and the students and teachers of the course in himself.

To administer our course of Moodle

Although we are impatient to begin, are certain terms that you need to know to create and to administer your course in Moodle: Groups, groupings, questionnaires, activities and resources.

  • The groups serve to group, is worth the redundancy, the students of our course, so that we can assign tasks, collaborations in wikis or levels to the same in one go. It is a fast and very useful administrative tool for professors.
  • The groupings simultaneously are a group of groups, so that we can separate our class in groupings according to levels and these groupings in groups to do a work by equipment.
  • The activities are mainly the nucleus of our course and is possibly the type of section who we will create more in him. They serve so that the student can work in strengthening and demonstrating the obtained knowledge or still to obtain. They are created within our virtual course. Normally a good course advances through activities that are leading to the student until the final result.
    To create these activities is simple from the panel of administration of the course and we must begin our configuration that way.
  • The questionnaires are a type of activity, but they deserve a special mention, since they allow to verify of first hand through a test of qualifications the level of the students. To even leave them at the disposal of them so that they repeat them at any time and thus they are prepared for a more complicated final test. They are in addition one to the most interactive parts of Moodle, so he is advisable that the professor incorporates some to alleviate the load of the students.
  • Finally we found the Resources, that they are blocks of information that you will have to create to help the students of the course to solve tests and activities by means of the information that you place in them. Also they are easily accessible from the panel of configuration of contents of the course. Indispensable to make of Moodle a good platform of learning!

With these concepts and knowing to accede to the creation panel already we are ready to put hands to us to the work with Moodle and to leave ready our first course for our students.

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