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To create Cuenta de Correo in cPanel

How to create accounts of mail in the Control Panel cPanel

We explained to you how to create an account of mail of e-mail in the panel of the lodging.

1. Accounts of E-mail

In order to create a mail account, it is necessary to accede to ours cPanel, to visit the option of E-mail and to puncture in Accounts:


Access from cPanel to create an e-mail account


2. To create Cuenta de Correo

You will be able to create your account of mail of simple form, we detailed it to you in the following steps:

  • We will introduce the name for our account in the field €œE-mail€. This name is the user that we want to choose and that it will go before €œ@€ in our new direction.
  • We select the domain to which we will associate our account. It will be the name that will go after €œ@€. If we have some parked domain we will be able to create accounts of mail with him, also.
  • IMPORTANT: We will generate a random and safe password with the €œGenerator of Passwords€. The mail accounts must have 10 characters at least, and must use to compose them capital, very small and numbers. With the utility of the password manager, it is possible to be chosen if the password to generate must take symbols, numbers, letters, etc as well as the number of characters. If we did not create a password sufficiently hard, a third party could guess it and use our mail to send Spam. We will write down this password in a safe site, in a paper is the best option. He is not recommendable to write down it in some text software of our computer.
  • We will award a space adapted according to the capacity of ours hosting contracted without on logically passing the total capacity of this one. For a normal account we advised to form 250Megabyte.
  • Finally, we punctured in the button €œTo create Account€ and or will have our created account and list to form it in our program of favorite mail or to use our Webmail for it.

To create an account of mail in cPanel

3. To create another account of Mail

In order to create an account of additional mail, you will only have to repeat the previous process.

The only limit is the space that you have contracted with us, reason why you must have well-taken care of that the total of accumulated emails in your account (in the inbox, envoys, eliminated, etc.) does not exceed the total space of hosting.

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