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Reenviadores of cPanel

Reenviadores of mail of cPanel

The reenviadores of cPanel allow you to send a copy of all your mail from an email address to another one.

For example, if you have two different accounts of e-mail, [email protected] and [email protected], you could resend the mail that you receive in [email protected] to [email protected] so that you do not have to consult the two accounts.

It is necessary to consider that with this operative option, the original direction will continue receiving the resent mail.

Reenviadores of cPanel

We enter our Control Panel Cpanel and in the section €œMail€ we punctured in the connection €œReenviadores €œ.

Reenviadores of cPanel

1. To add Reenviador

We puncture in the button €œTo add Reenviador €œ.

To add reenviador

2. To add a new reenviador

In the new screen and the field €œDirection for I resend€ we introduce the name of the account that we wished to redirigir. If the domain does not appear you will have to select it of the drop-down one.

To introduce the sending back direction

3. We add the destiny

Later, in the section Destiny, we introduce in the field €œTo resend to email address €œ, the account towards which we wished to redigir the post office.

To put destiny of the sending back

4. We create the redirection

In order to finalize the process, only it is necessary to puncture in €œAdding Reenviador€.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We must to consider that if we used reenviadores the mail servant always will leave a copy in the origin account, of such form that become necessary to from time to time verify and to eliminate unnecessary post office of this account, to avoid saturations that can prevent the normal reception of our messages.

We create the redirection

5. Options Outposts of the Reenviadores

Other Options exist Outposts of I resend. One of them is to resend an email to some script that we have formed (option To canalize to a program).

There are some programs that execute some additional action when receiving an email. It is the case for example of the programs of support by means of tickets that turn an email that arrives at a mailbox of email in a ticket that is managed through an external software.

In order to assure to you that script that receives the email sending back works, script must be feasible (755 or 700).

Also, in the line of hashbang it must exist in your script (Perl, php, etc) at the beginning of the file:

#! /usr/bin/perl
#! /usr/local/bin/php - q

Options outposts of the reenviadores of cPanel

6. Reenviadores de Dominio

Another option in addition to forming an individual reenviador from some account to another one exists.

It is the called option €œReenviador de Dominios €œ. This case, is when we want to reeenviar the all the post office of a domain towards an only account of mail.

For it we will choose the domain of the drop-down one and in the following field we will introduce an external account of mail to where our post office will be redirigidos all.

We will be able to create the reenviadores of cPanel that we want, is no limit for the creation of these in ours hostings.

Reenviadores of cPanel concerning domain

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