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What is Joomla? Guía Definitiva (2019)

Joomla is the manager of contents Web (CMS, of content management system) of reference to make dynamic pages.

It emphasizes by his benefits in robustness, scalability and personalisation, as well as to be equipped with a friendly user interface, which causes its easy handling by all type of users.

Of there, that is one of the used CMS more in the world from the origins of Web 2.0.

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It designs your Web with Joomla! thanks to its versatility:

  • Free Software
  • Easy administration for nascent
  • Data storage in MySQL
  • Article creation Blog
  • Product sale online
  • Additional extensions as accessories
  • Forms of contact

Joomla, what is?

What contributes with respect to other managers?

The manager of Joomla contents offers some superb possibilities as much to develop websites as to administer them. Allowing webmasters to generate dynamic and interactive portals with multiple functionalities.

To the time, that it facilitates that usuary without programming knowledge they can manage his pages Webs of simple way. Simplifying the updates, the elaboration of menus or the definition of different levels from access and privileges of diverse administrators. Among others many options.

By all this, it is of the best tools to realise Webs 2.0. Being preferred even in front of other managers Web, who perhaps can be of simpler handling, but than they do not hoard all potentialities.

For example in collaborative management, since it incredibly facilitates the allocation and distribution of functions, tasks€¦

Is Joomla free software?

Yes, in addition it is of free distribution and open code (Open Source), being used under general public license (GNU/GLP). Being this aspect a sign from constituent identity from its origins in 2005 when still it was Mambo.

When it leaves from the equipment of developer of Mambo (of the precursory CMS) was not in agreement with the bet of the administrators of the company to restrict the license of use of software, reason why they decided to leave it and to create Joomla, that in the extended African dialect more, swahili, means €œall together ones€.

At the moment it receives legal support and financing through the Organization Open Source Matters.

In this way, its use becomes under a public license that it authorizes:

What allows you to do?

  • To obtain Joomla free of charge
  • To redistribute it and to share it (under some conditions)
  • To modify it, to adapt it and to personalize it as you want for your own use (to modify source code)
  • To distribute the distinguished versions Joomla that you realise
  • To acquire services of creation, configuration and development of realised projects
  • To acquire and to have all the right of the developed Webs
  • It allows to develop to dynamic Web sites of simple way with architecture of data bases MySQL
  • To create applications Web of any nature
  • To optimize results in Google

Besides all the functionalities already exposed it makes possible:

He is simple?

  • Installation and very simple administration of content
  • To add and to publish contents grouped in sections and thematic categories. Having multiple options of classification and presentation
  • To qualify contact forms so that the visitors can send messages to the administrators and other users of the Web
  • To manage and to publish the advertising publication of banners or another type of images
  • Accomplishment of surveys online to the users of the Web
  • Article creation type blog with edition in frontend
  • To distribute the updates of content in format RSS, as well as to syndicate the external news
  • To easily send massive messages to all the users registered in the system
  • Design of sites with use of frameworks as Bootstrap and Foundation. In addition to the created ones exclusively for Joomla: T3, Gantry, Warp, etc.
  • Standard Hosting in servers Linux as Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed or Windows
  • Panel of basic administration to manage your project of simple way

In this point, it would be necessary to distinguish between creating a website and administering it.

For first, it would be necessary to have some minimum knowledge in programming, concretely in HTML, PHP (the language client-servant with that he operates the CMS), MySQL and all that with the data bases of the site, as well as CSS and definition of style sheets. Besides having some basic slight knowledge of design.

Nevertheless, it counts on a great number of templates gratuitous and commercial.

On the contrary, the handling concerning user is very simple, facilitating optimal systems of management and administration of any website that has been generated in its surroundings.


What format of webpage is allowed to create?

Groups Joomla 3

You will be able to generate a website of simple way. Having the opportunity to create all type of portals, dynamic and interactive sites and any application Web, as for example:

  • Pages of public administrations
  • Corporative pages
  • Stores online with extensions of third parties as Virtuemart
  • Webs of the news
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Forums and Blogs

In addition, also the possibility exists of developing intranets for operations and internal communications of companies and organisms.

Many NGO (ONG) use it and is very extended as the robust and trustworthy system that is.


Security in Joomla

security in joomla


In this tutorial we cannot stop emphasizing that as any software of programmed code is not exempt of vulnerabilities.

Although before any problem in this sense, always it is possible to be counted on a fast answer on the part of the equipment of development that removes patches immediately and updates to palliate the security problems that are arising.

It is certainly WordPress more?

This question is difficult to respond but we think that the 2 cms are on a par. Continuously new versions are published that correct the security problems shortages.

In this sense both count on an equipment of very active developer that guards by the security.

Many users have their Webs with this cms or WordPress, reason why the number of attacks exceeds it is greater. WordPress more is extended and used by more of 25% of domain names.

But we can say that the 2 managers are very safe.

Here the responsibility has much importance that exerts the user and if it updates the nucleus frequently (the Core version, the original version without additions) but also plugins of third parties.


What offers to the developers?

Besides the functionalities standard, the programmers have to their disposition excellent framework of applications, favoring therefore the proliferation of extensions (component and modules) and plugins, that already very abundant is given the amplitude of the community of developer of the Joomla project.

Many dedicated sites exist to help the users. After the disappearance of Joomla Spanish and Hispanic Joomla official the Joomla forum is a site very recommended to which to go to receive the disinterested help in your language of the Joomla community in Spanish.

You want to prove it?

To what delays? It proves demo of the last version without needing installing nothing from here:

Or you can make click and unload Spanish Joomla from installing it in a local Apache or a Web server here.

If you want to share your opinions leave your commentaries down. We would like that you tell us if you regularly use it in your projects and what benefits contribute in comparison of others cms to you.

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