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What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop: Guía Definitiva (2019)


1. What is does PrestaShop and why serve?   If you want to expand your business, a good way to do it is through Internet.   To be able to sell through the network, to a great extent increases the number of clients at whom you can arrive.   This is translated as well in an increase of€¦

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As installing an unit in Prestashop

How to install a module in Prestashop?


To install a module in PrestaShop If you are beginning to work with PrestaShop, first of all€¦ congratulations! , it is a really robust and simple system to be able to sell online. One of the best elections than you could do. Nevertheless, in spite of being very intuitive, always some doubts can be presented. One of most frequent when€¦

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