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To create Data base MySQL in cPanel

How to create Base de Datos on cPanel

The data bases of MySQL allow to store a great amount of information.

They are necessary to make work many applications of website as the managers of contents (Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, Moodle, Drupal, etc).

The users of MySQL who have access privileges will be able to read or only to write in her.

In order to create Base of Datos (BBDD) in your hosting, you must follow these three basic steps:

  1. To create Base de Datos.
  2. Creation of user MySQL.
  3. To associate and to give to the necessary privileges to the user mysql created.

We are going to develop these 3 points so that it is easier to you.

1. To create Data base MySQL

We can use the basic Attending assistant €œof MySQL data

®€ that it offers Cpanel, with which by means of several guided steps, we will be able easily to create it from zero.

  • Nevertheless, in this tutorial we are going to detail the steps to manually create it with all the tools that already to us the Control Panel offers.
  • First that we must do, it is to accede to ours cPanel (ex. and to enter authenticated introducing the keys that we have received by email when registering.
  • Now we go to the section €œData base€ and punctured in the connection €œData bases MySQL €œ.
  • Next, we created the BBDD introducing the name that we want to give him (maximum 56 characters).

To puncture in the option €œTo create a new data base€ and to puncture later in the button €œTo create Data base €œ.

To create Data base MySQL in cPanel

The system will confirm to us that has been created it with the chosen name and we make click in €œ< Backwards - €œ.

2. To create the MySQL user

The following thing is to create the user associated to our BBDD, so we introduce the name that we want to also give to him (we recommended máx. 7 characters) in €œUsers of MySQL€ and one safe password.

We puncture €œTo create a user €œ. Again the system takes us to a screen that confirms its creation and we return Backwards making click in €œ< - €œ.

As always we recommended to you here that you use very safe passwords (10 characters, capital letters and small letters).

This user he is the one that will have privileges to write in our BBDD, to create a table or to modify any element of the same.

To create the MySQL user in cPanel

We must make sure that no third party can do it of easy way.

3. To give privileges him

Finally, we must associate and give all the privileges of this user in the data base that we have created previously.

For it, we must visit the section €œTo add a user to a data base €œ.

It selects the one that you want and the data base of the drop-down ones and punctures in the button €œTo add€.

3.1 Usuary Agregar to Base de Datos

You must visit the section €œTo add a user to a data base €œ.

It selects to the user and the BBDD that you want to tie of the drop-down ones.

To tie MySQL user with data in cPanel

Kitchen mhelp in the button €œTo add€.

3.2 Administrar Privileges

In the following screen, we give all the permissions puncturing in €œALL THE PRIVILEGES€ and make click in the button €œMake Changes€.

The system will confirm the changes to us and so we have concluded the process of the creation of a BBDD.

It can be that you want that a certain user mysql does not have all the permissions on certain data base. This also you will be able to form it from here, selecting only those privileges that you want to facilitate to him.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will observe that the names take an area code. This area code is the name of user of cpanel_.

The names will take always this area code when we want to connect the MySQL servant.


To administer user MySQL privileges

If we correctly do not put the names in the configuration of our manager of contents the system will not be able to connect and will give error.

4. phpMyAdmin

It is a tool Web that helps us to manage the data and MySQL tables.

Access to PhpMyAdmin from cPanel

In order to accede to her, we must go to the section of cPanel > Bases de Datos > phpMyAdmin

4.1 Crear Data base phpMyAdmin

We can also create them with this tool, in addition to doing it in cPanel.

In order to create data bases in phpMyadmin from the main page, the section data base €“ To create new base of datos*.

*NOTA: The data bases are necessary to create them in cPanel, not in phpMyAdmin.

If we created a data base outside cPanel, this one could not manage it suitably.

Due to this, the option to create a BBDD is not available in phpMyAdmin of cPanel of ours hostings.

It is necessary to create it in cPanel first, and later already she with her will be able to be managed (to modify the table that you want, to create some extra field, search registries, to execute a sentence SQL, etc.)

Nevertheless, if we installed a version client of phpMyAdmin in ours hosting different from the one from the servant, a version php standard, yes we will be able to accede to all functions. In order to do this, you must contact with us.

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