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Additional domain in Cpanel

To use additional domains in your Hosting

The domains of complement (or additional domain) allow to lodge domains extra for the main account of hosting.

The visitors can introduce the URL of the domain of complement in a navigator to accede to a subdomain. Or a folder of the main site.

The Additional Domain consists of having a domain name that will point at a subdomain or folder of the main domain. Whereas in the bar of navigation of the navigators the name of this additional domain is only seen.

To register an additional domain


  • To have another domain different from the main one and whose DNS are indicating ours hosting.
  • The subdomain does not have to exisitir (it will be created during the process of pointed domains).

This operation we will realise it entering ours cPanel > Domains > Domains of Complement. We will introduce the name of the additional domain in €œNew Name of Domain €œ. We will automatically see that when making it, cPanel stuffed the fields of €œSubdominio€ and €œRoot of Document€ that normally we will maintain with the values by defect without changing.

In order to finalize we punctured in the button €œTo add Domain€.

Once installed the new Web, we will verify that when keying €œ€ will be the Web lodged in €œ€ and in the navigation bar the domain is only observed €œ €œ.

Since you observe, this technique in addition, allows the creation of a unique user to accede via FTP to the archives of the new site (only to those of the level of that folder).

Additional domain or Domain of Complement in cPanel

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