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How to create Subdominio in cPanel

How to create Subdominio in the Control Panel cPanel

Sometimes, and according to our needs, we will be able to need to differentiate contents in our lodging since they will not have relation with the main domain of ours hosting, for it is advisable to create a subdomain, either to lodge other webpages or so that they contain documents of different types.

1. What is Subdominio?

A subdomain is a sub-section of your website connected as a subdirectory of the directory €œpublic_html€.

The subdomains use an area code that you can always define with the name which you wish, followed of the own domain.

For example, if the name of the registered domain is, the subdomain will be

That it is a subdomain

2. To create Subdominio in cPanel

This operation we will realise it entering ours cPanel > Domains > Subdominios, where in the field €œSubdominio€ we will introduce the name chosen by us.

We observe that when jumping to the field €œRoot of document €œ, cPanel automatically has created the appropriate route for our subdomain. We puncture in the button €œTo create€ and our subdomain will be ready to lodge in him the contents of our election.

As example we say that created Subdominios will have turns so much as as

We can free create all the subdomains that we want, since in PrackHost there is no limit in the amount of subdomains to create. The steps to create a subdomain would be the following:

  • To introduce the name that we preferred to have in front of our main domain. Thus, for example, if we want to create a subdomain to give support to our clients, we will introduce here the name of the sub-section (not of the domain).
  • In this case we wrote €œsupport€ so that the sub-section is accessible from the URL:
  • We will choose of drop-down the main domain to which we want to create the sub-section to him. If we have domains parked in ours hosting, they will also appear here and we will be able to choose some of them.
  • The root of the document we will leave it by defect. When puncturing in this text field, cPanel automatically will fill up the route where the archives are due to raise so that they are visible through this subdomain that we are creating.

To create Subdominio in Cpanel

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