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The 4 problems more common of images in WordPress and how to solve them

To solve problems with the images of WordPress

WordPress has a good management system of images integrated. Nevertheless there are many users who do not know their existence. Some others do not control it correctly or they do not remove all the party to him. The images are a very important characteristic of our blog so we are going to show the 4 problems to you more common of images in WordPress and how to solve them.

Surely already you know them, although you possibly find some new one that it helps you to just have those attractive images in your site how and where they must be.

1. How to align the images to the right or left

When we raised an image WordPress through article publisher, in the part right inferior of the panel we can see small a drop-down one to choose where we want to align the image.

Sometimes nevertheless one goes away from a side to another one of the text without we know how to control it. In this case it is easy, we click in the image within the publisher and a small menu unfolds to us above.

From we will be able here to establish aligning for the image without problems.


To align images in WordPress

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2. Problems with the outstanding image or featured image?

The majority of subjects of WordPress allows to assign outstanding images us to our articles to be able to show them in the view of Blog and to identify them quickly, but sometimes, changing of subject or style, this configuration is lost.

In order to establish the outstanding image of an article we must go to the part right inferior of the zone of edition and click in the connection of €œSet featured image€ or €œAssign outstanding image€.

From we will define it there without trouble.

If this connection does not appear we can restore it in the section of €œOptions of screen€ or €œScreen options€, in the right corner superior.


Outstanding image in WordPress

3. Too great images or with edges

One of the problems most common of images in WordPress is to have too great images or with edges that we must clear and not want to resort to an edition program to do it.

Then, this is not a problem, because WordPress has a simple publisher of images integrated.

Once we have raised our image or if or it is in the servant doing click in her from the panel multimedia, we can see down the left a small called button €œPublish image€ or €œEdit Image€.

From we can here publish the image of fast and simple form. From changing the dimensions to rotating or cutting, a great utility.


To publish image in WordPress

4. To add legend to the images

WordPress facilitates to add legend (photo feet) to the images. After loading an image, WordPress allows you to provide title of the image, legend and alternative text. The first and last field is useful to optimize the images for the finders.

The legend is useful to indicate to in question reader the image that it is observing.


Advice Extra: To find gratuitous images and to concern external images to your WordPress

Sometimes, other problems can arise to us related to the images from WordPress.  They are the following:


a) How to find gratuitous images and with a valid license for our blog?

This he is a a little special advice: If we have intention to mint our blog and to cause that one becomes something really great, also we must respect the author rights, the denominated €œcopyright€.

In Internet there are many images. The majority is commercial and he is not legal to use them with commercial aims without the suitable rights.

Nevertheless, we can find images that we can use without restrictions. Google includes an option to filter the images by rights in the search of images.

Once we are looking for images, under the bar search, can find a called option €œMore tools€ and among them a drop-down call €œRight of use€. A jewel for which they are beginning and to solve another one of the problems most common with images in WordPress, which we do not have license to be able to publish them.


Search images in Google


b) How to concern external images in WordPress?

This is a question that arises, generally, when a person migrates her site. If you want to transfer your images of a blog with Blogger, Joomla, or even with WordPress, you must install plugin for the import of external images called Import External Images.

Once installed plugin, simply it sees Means and soon clica in Concerning images. You can matter simultaneously up to 50 photos.


And do you have problems with your images of WordPress? He leaves your commentaries down and tells us which are.

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  1. Transformation for PrackHost Abel Pardo Fernández March 15, 2017 to the 12:02 a.m.


    A good article and practitioner.

    A subject that is interesting is as reducing the images to reach a greater speed of load without losing so large quality nor and adapting themselves to the text.

  2. Transformation for PrackHost PrackHost March 15, 2017 to 3:18 p.m.

    Hello Abel,

    Thanks to comment our post. Indeed it is a very interesting subject that we want to develop aside in another article. Plugins in WordPress are several that make very well this function. We used €œCompress JPEG & png images€ of Tiny png and is the one that we like more.

    If you do not want to install no plugin tambén you can use the utility that facilitates Google in PageSpeed. In case you do not know it, we can indicate to you that any URL that you analyze with PageSpeed you can unload the optimized resources .css, .js and also the images. The advantage of this system is that it compresses them to the maximum, but the disadvantage is that you must go URL to URL, whereas with plugin previously mentioned you can simultaneously do it with all.

    Another still more comfortable option is to use plugin in the Control Panel. In ours hostings you can optimize all the photos of the public directory with a single click. In brief dates we will publish an article mainly this. Thanks!

  3. Transformation for PrackHost Rudy Hernandez December 7, 2017 to 1:17 p.m.

    hello Abel I tell you I am just working with wordpress and it buys theme, it is that I have changed several things of this subject but there are images that profit not to detect or to locate since these they appear to me lodged in the direction of the company that buys theme you know if some form exists to change those images.

  4. Transformation for PrackHost user May 30, 2018 to the 11:25 a.m.

    But no of the 4 points is a problem xD Are things that can be done with an image in WordPress

  5. Transformation for PrackHost Dante September 23, 2018 to the 2:12 a.m.

    First to congratulate to them by his content, it is quite good.

    Secondly, I have looked for and looked for by all Internet and I have not been able to find answer asks is the following one:

    I have the subject of wordpress €œStout€ and I have liked much. That in the blog area, when showing the listing of the entrances of all the blog is not only possible to me to cause that is an image to describe of visual form what deals with the article at issue.

    Do you want to know if it is a problem of the subject or if on the contrary there is some solution that allows to show me in addition to the small description of the article, an image that makes see more attractive the content of the same.

    Hopefully they could help me with this problem, since each that I look for information on the matter simply not I have found nothing.

    Greetings and thanks.

    • Transformation for PrackHost PrackHost September 26, 2018 to the 6:32 a.m.

      Hello Dante

      Thanks. In articles of the blog you have formed an outstanding image in each of them? Normally themes of WordPress shows the outstanding image in the article listing of the blog. The outstanding image you can add it in the section that there is underneath the right when you publish an article.

  6. Transformation for PrackHost Sea January 28, 2019 to the 11:54 a.m.

    Hello, thanks for your work, are helpful. You will see I have a problem for days. When sharing my texts from WordPress on Facebook, do not appear the image, the outstanding image that I have selected for the text. I have gone in repeated occasions To purify image, social adjustments, other times has given result me but now it is impossible. It appears a piece of text and the name of the page, but neither it leaves the photo, nor the name of the author of the text as before. It can be a problem related to the speed of the Web? GRACIAS

    • Transformation for PrackHost PrackHost January 28, 2019 to 12:04 p.m.

      Hello Sea, that problem that you comment not is related in principle to the speed of your Web. Rather it seems a problem of schema or of which you do not have qualified the labels of Open Graph in your Web.

      Facebook has a utility (debug) that will show to you if that URL has some type of error in noticeable the Open Graph. Here I leave the URL you:

      If you do not have the labelling, you would have to review if you have some plugin that does it to you, for example the Yoast SEO allows you to form the images to show them on Facebook.

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