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To improve the Load Web

It improves the load of your Web with some advice

The speed of load Web of the sites of our clients is very important. In PrackHost we counted on configurations in our lodgings that allow you to optimize and to improve the load Web of your pages. Thus, we had servers with several processors of 16 nuclei in surroundings of €œhosting in the cloud€ (Cloud Hosting).

With hard disks SSD in RAID 10 up to 20 normal times faster than them disc. Even hosting with NVMe discs, 6 times faster than discs SSD.

We form special ours hostings with cachés (LiteSpeed Cache, Opcache, Memcached, etc.) that cause that your page flies. In addition, in this tutorial we showed to you how to improve the load Web in our optimized surroundings.

1. To activate Gzip in Cpanel

We accede to ours cPanel, we go to the section €œSoftware€ and punctured in €œOptimizing website€, we will enter the options of compression concerning servant.

In the following screen, we marked the option €œTo compress all the content€. Finally we make click in the button €œUpdate configuration€.

With this we ensured that all the content that we sent of the servant to the visitor goes tablet, winning speed in the process enough.

This compression is very recommended by Google to improve the loads of our site.

To activate Gzip in cPanel

2. To improve the load Web of Joomla

In order to improve the load Web of Joomla we will activate the option €œCompression GZIP of the pages€ marking €˜Yes€™ in admin of Joomla, System > Global Configuration > Configuration of the servant (eyelash €œServant €œ) and kept. With this simple step, our Web developed with Joomla will take much less in loading.

Another option that we must qualify to improve the loads of the data bases is the MySQLi option. We will before find it in the same screen otherwise in the section €œConfiguration of the data base€, in the drop-down €œType€.

NOTE: If you have an old version of Joomla, when selecting the option of MySQLi can give you to an error the public Web. Reason why you would have to revert this change.

To improve the load Web of Joomla

3. To improve the load still more Web

These changes will do that our page loaded a little faster. But advice are only some who must complement themselves later with others if we really want to notice an improvement in the times of load of our Web.

These advice to improve the load Web still more are:

  • Desinstalar the component modules//plugins that we do not use in our manager of contents.
  • Optimizing the images of all the site (the images that we used in our group, the photos which we raised in our publications, etc.) These images must be optimized to the maximum and they do not have to occupy too much so large.
  • To use some component/plugin to manage the cache of the website.
  • To raise the archives of Javascript, style sheets (css) and image to some CDN and to form the loads of the same through him.
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