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To activate urls friendly Joomla

Activation of urls friendly in Joomla to improve your SEO

In this tutorial we will learn to optimize urls that our Joomla site generates! , improving the visibility of our site in the finders as Google. In order to activate urls friendly Joomla we must follow the following steps.

Of what the activation of urls consists friendly?

By defect, the installation of Joomla does not activate urls friendly Joomla in our Web. He is very recommendable to activate them to improve our visibility and that Google indexes to us better. The activation of the SEF (url's friendly) in a Web Joomla consists basically of two actions:

  • Renombrar the htaccess.txt file by the root of hosting
  • To activate the corresponding options in the Global Configuration of Joomla!

With this change concerning servant, we will be able to obtain a friendly page that will include a shorter URL in any direction URL that generates our site. Urls finished long that it generates of native form Joomla. The old URL php will change to leave a direction us easier to even remember for the visitor and with better positioning in Google.

Of which the Urls consist Friendly

1. Renombrar the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess

Before being able to activate urls friendly Joomla we must renombrar the htaccess.txt file that includes the standard installation of Joomla to €œ.htaccess€ (eye to the point of the principle) and will finalize this first step. When we do it, we will activate the module that generates urls friendly mod_rewrite that already is formed in the Web server. We can do it of two forms, or renombrando the file with our favorite client FTP (Filezilla, CuteFTP, etc) or using the file manager of cPanel who will facilitate the task enormously to us, sailing until the file, puncturing in the right button and selecting the option €œRename €œ.

2. To activate urls friendly Joomla

In this point we will really see how to activate urls friendly Joomla: We accede to the administration of Joomla! of our site (ex. In the Control Panel that appears we selected to System > to us Global Configuration > Configuration SEO > and we activated the friendly options €œURLs€ and €œTo use the reescritura of URLs€ the third option €œTo add the suffix to the URL€ is optional and has very little transcendence in the aspect SEO of our site. It is more, he is recommendable not to activate it since urls will be generated with the completion €œ.html€, and is advisable that urls does not have any completion (To see Figure 2).

To activate urls friendly Joomla from the administration

We verify the results

Once we have kept the changes, we go to the cover of our site and verified the results. With this step we will verify how we have learned to activate urls friendly Joomla. The result would be something similar to the following example: Without URLs friendly: With URLs friendly:

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