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To happen to HTTP to https in WordPress and activating your SSL

How to pass WordPress to https if we are going to activate the SSL of our certificate.

As we know, WordPress keeps its URLs (or directions Web) in its data base of fixed form. Other CMS that generate URLs €œto the flight€, as Joomla exist! for example, with its phenomenal enrutado system of, but is not the case of WordPress.

In 2018 https is unthinkable not to have your WordPress site with the protocol thanks to the fact that Lets Encrypt offers gratuitous certificates SSL.

So if not yet you have it, it follows our tutorial to do it of way fast and easy.

We assume by all means that already you have installed a security certificate.

We are going to see the following steps that you must give.



Installation of the Plugin

There are diverse situations in which it is necessary to correct these URLs. For example when we changed our Web of domain or when we needed to install a Certificate of Security SSL.

In this last case, it is necessary to replace version HTTP of our URLs by €œhttps€, that allows us to activate our SSL and to take advantage of our issued certificates SSL.

In order to realise this improvement in our Web we needed to pass WordPress to https. In order to realise this improvement in your Web you need to use some of many plugins that exist that they search and they replace URLs in the data base (search and replace).

We are going to see how to easily do it with ours plugin preferred for this task: Better Search Replace.

For it we accede to the administration of your WordPress blog and go to €œnew Plugins > Añadir€ as it is observed in the following image.

installation of plugin


In the following screen we introduce in the field search the name of plugin that we are going to install: €œBetter Search Replace€ and immediately will be plugin in screen.

We will click in the button €œTo install now€:

Installation of Better Search Replace


To change URLs de WordPress of HTTP to https in plugin

Once installed, we must activate it and we go to €œTools > Better Search Replace€ and the following screen appears to us:


To change URLs de WordPress of HTTP to https in plugin

We must insert in the field €œSearch by€ the name of our domain or URL.

In the following field we will insert the name of the domain or the wished URL. In our case it is the same domain but with €œhttps€. You must consider that your website can have including the www or can be indexed without them.

If you do not know how it is indexed your domain in Google you do a search in the finder with the following term: €œsite: €œ. Google will present the results to you and you will know if you are indexed with www or without them.

The following step is to select All the tables. We leave without activating the three following options and finally we click in €œExecuting search/substitution€.

NOTE: Here by defect the option will come noticeable to execute a maneuvers. This option makes €œsearch and replace€ corresponding but as a test. Not getting to make no change in the data base. It is good if you want to prove it before finally executing the substitution of URLs in your Web.


In few seconds plugin will cross all the tables and will make the changes that have been indicated to him, presenting a scroll bar to us while it executes the task.
Finally it will show a small statistic to us with the changes that has realised.

The last verification would be to go to €œAdjustment > General€ and to verify that as much the field €œDirection of WordPress (URL)€ as the field €œDirection of the site (URL)€ contain the new URL or name of domain of our interest.

These URLs is the main ones of WordPress and must have changed, among others.

Once realised the changes in the data base we will only have left to verify in the navigator who the site appears with the activated SSL.


To redirect old URLs indexed in Google to the new ones with https

Once we have changed all the directions of our Web, perhaps it is the more important step.

In order to avoid the content duplicated in Google (now we will have indexed old URLs in HTTP and they will begin to index the same (but with https) you will have to redirect them permanently so that they are always indexed with https.

For it the easiest way is to create a redirection in ours .htaccess by the root of hosting WordPress with the following rules:

If your domain already is indexed with the www in Google, you must add:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond % \ {SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^ (. *) $$1 [L, R=301]

If on the contrary, already it is indexed without the www in Google:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond % \ {SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^ (. *) $$1 [L, R=301]

https in your site

This you will have ended successfully to pass your WordPress of HTTP to https.

Now your WordPress to https is time to form SSL in your Google Search Console changing so that Google begins to index it correctly.

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