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What is Moodle? Guía Definitiva (2019)

What is the Moodle platform?

That it is Moodle Uso and Ventajas

If you are looking for a focused platform education, to be able to directly work with your students or employees, you must throw a look to Moodle.

If still you do not know and you do not know what is Moodle, we are going to explain it luxury to you of details yet so that you learn to remove all the party to this system. Completely gratuitous and of free code.

The Moodle word means To modulate Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Surroundings of Dynamic Learning OO and To modulate) and was founded by the educator and computer science Australian Martin Dougiamas.



Characteristics of Moodle and why it serves

Characteristics of Moodle and why it serves

It is an application Web of management of learning (LMS) developed with technology PHP, data bases MySQL and public license GNU lpg.

This is translated in which can be installed in almost any Web server.

Their advantages are so many, that to day of today it counts generally on:

  • Than 130 million users more registered.
  • One is active in more than 100,000 webpages.

These numbers demonstrate that its success is not fruit of the chance, but is due to their great operation.


Nevertheless, we begin by first.

It is a gratuitous application since there are saying, dedicated to education online.

Essentially it is based on the constructivism (the education process is perceived and it is carried out as a dynamic, participating and interactive process of the subject).

It has a easy interface that has been developed by an equipment of psychologists and psicopedagogos.

It tries to be quite accessible, nothing confused and with a learning curve smaller than others cms (content management system).

All these wickers obtain that their use is quite simple and orientative, and so it is able to approach everybody.

It has been created on the basis of some quite clear concepts, where the communication between its users is the base of everything.

Its objective one happens to generate a great experience of learning that can be equal of excellent. As much for the professor, as for the student.

We are going to see a little more in detail how it works and what we can obtain with the same.


How work does Moodle? Remote education and education in line

How work does Moodle? Remote education and Courses in line

To speak of the Moodle platform, is to speak at a distance of education.

Unlike the formation actual, he is cms of learning with which we can maintain created a social community through formed Internet so much by professors as by students.

As it is possible to be seen, all the communication and the work, work through the network. At any moment access to the same can be had and are official notices some.

In this sense, we can accede from any device in which we can accede to a navigator and we count on a connection to Internet.

By means of this connection, we can establish a conversation. As if one was an e-mail between the own participants.

In addition we will be able to share different types from documents and contents. As well as to be able to unload others.

Shelp this, it is as if we were in a virtual classroom where we can give a work to a professor, or unloading some archives of notes that this one has qualified.


To use Moodle as learning platform

To use Moodle as learning platform

One of the most important aspects by those than really is enough successful, is by its optimized operation.

We will count on all the tools necessary to arrive at our students and to offer formation and knowledge to them in any matter.

In order to begin, it allows us to work type of formats yet, already are documents of Word, of Excel, PPT, Flash, videos, audio.etc.

We practically can share almost all the archives that we need.

As if actual classes one was, in which with an USB device connected to a local computer we can show our archives the professor or the rest of companions.

Here it we can make with total freedom through Internet and from the tranquillity of our home or office through his virtual classrooms.

This operation is a standard, reason why he is perfectly applicable to any type of course or virtual education. Given the versatility that has the same.

Ministry of Spanish Education is guaranteed by the pertaining universities.

Many portals Web, sectors TIC and platforms e-learning of the Public Administration as well as the University in Spain or of Mexico and in other many countries (Open University de the United Kingdom) use it in their virtual campuses.

If he is so ingrained in the educational educative sector will be by something will be, you don't create?


To create courses for any matter easily

To easily create courses with Moodle for any matter

Another one of the important aspects on which it tells, is that the person who administers it, we understand in this sense that is the professor at issue, can create courses and use several formative resources for it.

Example of them is:

  • ascent of lessons.
  • shipment of different activities from the students.
  • specific tasks.

Everything perfectly is differentiated for a correct organization of the possible simplest way.

In this sense, it is possible and necessary, to have several ranks or rolls within the own application. In these rolls we were from the administrator, to professors, tutors, students and others.

This differentiation is quite important, facing the different accesses that we can create.


For example, if we are professors of a subject at issue, we can raise notes of our students to share them with other professors or the tutor.

To these notes, him we can put a rank of certain access. Of this form, the users who count on student access, will not be able to have these documents. Unless we created advisable and we allow it.

The didactic materials are compatible with standards SCORM and AICC, and so it improves the compatibility with some file systems.


Administration of users and students

Administration of users and students in Moodle

Within the own characteristics, it is allowed us to create different profiles from users. We can give access to each of them following the rank whom they have, reason why is much more simple to develop the courses.

We can have different levels from activity and that they are possible to be managed of a quite simple form.

In addition, also an exhaustive registry of the users is allowed. This means that we can at any moment verify the different actions that these are taking to end.

For example, to see what usuary has entered the page and who no, so that we can see those that are using the system and who ignore it.

In order to accede, each person has a user who usually is his email address and a password of entrance.

This way, she will have a unique and different social profile, where she will keep all the necessary information.

These profiles, are developed to favor the communication between students and professors.

In addition to the mail of that we have spoken previously, there is a possibility of having a forum or a chat. (To see the chapter of Modules advanced more).

By the others, it is a collaborative program quite simple to use.  In essence, we will be able to use it for being able to contact with our students and to send documents to them as a notes so that these can as well contact with us.

The students can work from house sending to us the works through the Web. What a complement is understood at a distance as of education.

And everything from a very simple point of view. In order to favor the use for administrators, as usuary as much. We already spoke before his constructivism.


How I can use it? It is Open Code (Open Source)

How I can use Moodle? It is free Software Open Source

To use Moodle is very simple.

We are before a software of free use and open code. It only can be modified in this sense, taking care of our limitations and knowledge. This increases our possibilities of personalizing it to our pleasure.

Installation. When being about a shareware and free use, the possibility fits of unloading Moodle of completely gratuitous form in its last version so that you can install it in your computer and become familiar with his concepts.

Also you can publish or modify Moodle as you want. Its source code is of free distribution.

The new versions include all type of improvements and correction of errors.

By the others, as any website must be lodged in a Web server. If you want to create your own service, you will have to raise it a servant who admits this type of script.

A look throws to him to our plans of hosting for Moodle.

From there, you will have a direction HTTP that can use your students and you will be able to begin to distribute all type of information and already to interact with them.


Which are their advantages?

Advantages of Moodle. How Moodle allows you to offer virtual education

The advantages to use it are many and varied.

  • First of all, one of most important turns surroundings to the community that is consolidated. In this sense, it counts on a very active international community, a group of developers dedicated full-time to continuous improvements in constant evolution. Of this form, they are implemented characteristic and correcting errors. A polished program is obtained much more and that improves the characteristics that already offer.
  • In addition to this continuous evolution, also it is important to indicate that it is a program of gratuitous use (free software). This means that we will not have to spend money in licenses if we decided to use it.
  • Different methods from evaluation.
  • Personalisation of the design of all the system.
  • Creation of different profiles based on rolls.
  • Any person or company counts on a system online to give formation to her students.
  • Compatibility with any navigating Web.


Main Módulos and Plugins for your virtual matters

Main Módulos and Plugins of Moodle

Within these improvements and evolutions, the strong community that endorses it develops hundreds of plugins.

These accessories, whose implementation allows to personalize it, also extend their functionality.

Thus, we can practically find any element that needs to us. And to integrate it within the same to take to end any type of activity.

All this is possible partly to that it is a software of open code. The developers can work with total freedom, improving presents it with each carried out change.

It includes all the tools necessary to begin to create your courses. Some of the modules that it includes by defect are:

    • Main page of the course. Blocks that present the different options to us as: the menu of navigation, the block of administration, sections of the course, the news, images, among others.
    • Module of Consultation. In order to realise consultations and votings with the students on certain matter chosen by the professor.
    • Module Questionnaire. In order to realise questions to the students on certain lesson.
    • Daily module. Private notes between professor and student.
    • Module Survey. In order to publish global surveys to all the students.
    • Forums. For discussion of subjects. With customized subscriptions and permissions of access by levels.
    • Module Factory. In order to evaluate the work in equipment of a group of students.
    • Module Tasks. Specific works raised by the professor with evaluations of the student as an additional qualification.
    • Wiki. In order to work collaboratively groups of students and to modify a same document.
    • Moodle Mobile. Official application for movable devices.
    • Package of language. He is available in more than 90 languages.

All these new modules can be extended easily installing plugins that they will complement your support of learning.

Any user has to his disposition hundreds of additional modules and plugins, that will help to take to end any task him that needs.

In addition, the network Moodle exists Partners that are companies accredited officially by Moodle to offer related services.



Really, we are before an application that comes to add a great progress within teaching.

A point of contact as much for professors and students, where all can be intercommunicated at any moment. Participating during any day of the week and to any hour of the same, as if they were in the own class.

It is clear that the education with Moodle, is quite similar to actual or the semiactual one (blended learning), due to the great positive interaction that take place between its users and the pedagogy that exists behind.

Other platforms exist, but Moodle is the standard thanks to its approach open source of this industry without doubt.


It visits the official page for more information and other additional resources.

And now your turn arrives, what seems to you Moodle? you use it or would you like to use it? Leave your commentaries us more down and I gave us if you throw in lack some additional information in this article.

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